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  • To be able to attack, you must let the enemy wear themselves down by blocking and dodging their attacks.
  • If you build your defense and block stats up, you won’t need to dodge most enemies. You'll be able to block them instead.
  • Don’t forget to use your crossbow! If you power your crossbow up enough, you don’t even need to use melee combat!
  • Watch the enemy’s movements closely. Some of them will try to confuse you by attacking from an unexpected direction.
  • Watch out for enemies that can spit two shots at once. You will have to dodge carefully in order to avoid damage.
  • If you keep losing to stronger foes, try saving up for a new weapon or amulet before trying again.
  • Look out for Enemy Combos. Make sure to dodge all of the attacks that come at you before attacking your foe.
  • Remember to dodge into the direction of your opponent’s attack. If they are attacking from the left side of the screen, dodge to the left. If their attack is coming from the right side of the screen, dodge right. If they are attacking from above or below, you can dodge in either direction.
  • Aim for the head while using the Crossbow for extra damage!
  • Enemies giving you a hard time? Use the Sunburst Bomb to blast your foes to oblivion! Sun Burst bombs will instantly dispatch any monster that you run into in the halls of Montclair, and deal massive damage to bosses.
  • If you are low on health and out of first aid kits, keep fighting. If you level up, all your health will be restored, and you'll be stronger to boot!
  • Want to get the most out of the Dark Meadow? Get Sun Coins! Sun Coins let you stock up on First Aid Kits before a tough fight, buy Sunburst Bombs to take out tough enemies, and gear up with extremely powerful equipment.
  • Having trouble finding some of the gems? Why wait? Buy gems in the store to get your stat bonus more quickly!
  • Use your first aid kits wisely! Not only will they refill your health, but you can use them to continue fighting if you are beaten in battle.
Main Menu Press “Load” to load one of your saved games. The game you played last will be marked as “Active”.
Load When you open the menu, you'll be able to see most of the important information in the game such as your health, experience, money, first aid kits, bomb and gem numbers on the right side of the screen.
Pause Menu Sub-menus can be accessed from the pause screen...

  • Store allows you to buy new equipment, as well as bombs, first aid kits, gems and Sun Coins.
  • Player Vitals shows your stats and allows you to spend stat points after leveling up.
  • Library is a collection of the story clippings you have already found throughout the world.
  • Map opens up a real-time map that shows your position in the hospital. Use it if you get lost!
  • Options is a list of game options that you can customize to your liking.
  • Achievements displays a list of Game Center achievements for you to complete
  • Online Instructions links you to the website where you can view this guide as well as view helpful hints.
Options From the options menu, you can do the following...

  • Raise or lower the volume of the game
  • Enable or disable subtitles
  • Invert your look axis
  • Switch the Dodge and block controls to be on the top of the screen
  • Choose to turn off banner ads and the “free” sun coin button in the store. (Premium users only)
Combat Summary The combat summary appears after winning a battle. It displays the following...

  • The amount of experience you earned in that fight
  • The amount of gold you gained
  • Any items you may have gained
  • Your current kill streak
  • Any kill streak rewards you may have earned
Game Over When you lose a battle you will have the option to either “reawaken” in your bed or return to the main menu. If you choose “Reawaken,” you will keep your current level and experience as well as all weapons and items in your possession.

Within the store, you can purchase equipment, as well as first aid kits, bombs, gems and Sun Coins or Gold.

There are two types of currency in the store: Gold and Sun Coins. Some items can only be purchased with Gold, while others are only available for Sun Coins.

Sun Coins are represented by a large Golden Coin. Buy Sun Coins in the store or earn them as rewards for high kill streaks. Sun Coins can be used to purchase first aid kits, sunburst bombs, gems to increase your stats and powerful equipment.

You can also earn more Sun Coins quickly by watching trailers or completing offers by clicking the “Free” button in the bottom right side of the store screen!

Gold is represented by a money bag. Gold can be purchased in the store and is earned after every battle. Also, you'll find gold in bags, chests and drawers throughout the hospital. Gold can be used to upgrade your equipment.

Swords Tab This is the swords tab. Swords increase your melee abilities in battle. Buy new swords to build up your strength and fight tougher monsters. Note: In Dark Meadow: The Pact, some swords will not be available until you level up. Continue to level up to unlock all swords for purchase! All Sun Coin swords are available for purchase immediately.
Swords Tab This is the crossbows tab. Crossbows increase your ranged abilities in battle. Buy new crossbows to take out monsters before they even get close to you! Note: In Dark Meadow: The Pact, some crossbows will not be available until you level up. Continue to level up and you will unlock more crossbows for purchase. All Sun Coin crossbows are available for purchase immediately.
Swords Tab This is the amulets tab. Amulets increase your defensive abilities in battle. Buy new amulets to withstand more damage in a fight. In Dark Meadow: The Pact, some amulets will not be available until you level up. Continue to level up and you will unlock more amulets for purchase. All Sun Coin amulets are available for purchase immediately.
First Aid and Gems This is the First Aid and Gems tab. Here, you can spend Sun Coins on first aid kits to heal yourself and gems to complete your collection of 10, which will allow you to give yourself extra stat points.
Bombs Tab This is the bombs tab. Buy sunburst bombs to help you take out powerful enemies!
Currency Tab This is the currency tab. Here, you can buy extra gold and Sun Coins to help you battle the evils of Montclair Hospital. Spend Gold and Sun Coins to buy powerful new gear or useful items like first aid kits or gems!
After you gain a level, invest in stats that complement the way you play. If you are more of an offensive player you should consider Melee and Ranged. If you are more defensive, you might try health, defense and block. Feel free to experiment; find out which stats suit your play style best.
Player vitals
Acid Damage adds extra damage on each hit and grows with each consecutive hit. Adds a special acid attack type to your weapon!
Fire Damage burns the enemy for a set amount of damage for 5 seconds. Adds a special fire attack type to your weapon!
Soul Steal takes health from your enemy and adds it to your own. Adds a special Soul Steal attack type to your weapon!
Light Damage will cause constant damage to your enemy as long as you are holding the weapon. Adds a special light attack type to your weapon!
Defense will lower the damage taken by hits by 1 for each point you have. (ie. 10 Defense will lower enemy attacks by 10 hit points)
Block will allow you to take greatly reduced damage. If you block the final attack of an enemy combo, you will dizzy the enemy and leave them open to take full damage and combos. Given the limited nature of blocks, it is best to conserve them until you absolutely need them. Blocks will recover after every fight.
Dodging will allow you to avoid taking damage. If you dodge the final attack of an enemy combo, you will make the enemy dizzy and open to full damage and combos.
Melee, as seen in your Player Vitals screen, shows how much damage you will inflict per hit with your sword, not counting elemental damage. Add points to your Melee to increase the amount of damage you do per hit with your sword.
Ranged, as seen in your Player Vitals Screen, shows how much damage you will be inflicting per hit with your crossbow, not counting elemental damage. Add points to your Ranged to increase the amount of damage your crossbow bolts do per hit.
Reload determines how quickly you can shoot another bolt after firing. If you increase your Reload stat, you can fire more frequently. Alternatively, some Crossbows have a lower Reload value, which means it will take longer to load another bolt into your weapon.
Wisdom increases the amount of Experience points you collect when defeating enemies.
Luck increases the amount of Money you collect when defeating enemies and when collecting money from the environment. Adds a special rainbow attack type to your weapon!
Certain other weapons will have unique special attacks as well! Get every weapon to see all of the special attacks types in the Dark Meadow!
Kill Streaks

Kill Streaks add a whole new layer of depth to the Dark Meadow. As you kill multiple enemies in a single awakening, your Kill Streak will climb. High Kill Streaks can bring you many rewards, but will also result in very difficult fights.

If you need more bombs or First Aid Kits, you can get Sun Coins by fighting enemies! Every ten kills in a Kill Streak will earn you Sun Coins. The more enemies you kill in a single awakening, the more Sun Coins you earn!

High Kill Streaks earn you better rewards for fighting. As your Kill Streak goes up, you'll earn more money and experience from foes. Fight for as long as you can to reap the greatest benefit!

If enemies seem really tough, check your Kill Streak! The higher your Kill Streak is, the tougher the monsters around you become. Dying will reset your Kill Streak, and bring enemies back down to normal difficulty.

Bosses are not affected by Kill Streaks.

Kill Streaks
Reviving After a Loss

After losing a battle, you will be prompted to continue the fight using one of your first aid kits. If you select “yes,” the game will automatically use one of you first aid kits to fully restore your health. If you don't have any first aid kits available, the game will ask if you would like to purchase some.

WARNING: Only revive if you feel confident that you can win the fight! Any first aid kits used to continue the fight are used instantly, and are not restored if you die again.

Don't worry though: While your kill streak will reset if you die, none of your progress is lost, and you'll be able to quickly return to the halls of the hospital, ready to fight again.

The "Main Menu" button can be pressed at any time to pause the game. The combat controls only appear during a battle. To aim the crossbow, press and drag the crossbow control. Release it to fire. Tap the bomb icon to use a bomb on the current enemy. Tap the first aid kit to heal in a fight.
Combat Controls
Sun Door Explore the rooms with a Sun painted on the door for extra money, items and clues that will help you understand the true nature of your situation.
White Door The white doors lead you to your true foe. Do not take this fight lightly; make sure you are strong enough for it.
Locked Door Doors with red diamonds are locked and cannot be opened without a key.
Key Look for keys to open previously locked doors.
Drawers and Cabinets Keep an eye out for drawers, cabinets and other containers. Be sure to tap them to collect items like money, weapons and health packs.
First Aid Kit First aid kits restore your health. Make sure to stock up on them and use them when you get hit too many times. Try to keep your health high; you never know when a strong enemy is through the next door. You can carry a maximum of five first aid kits. They can be accessed from the 'Player Vitals' menu.
Gem Look out for hidden gems. Finding 10 of them will give you a big boost to your player's stats.
Gold Bags of gold are strewn throughout the world. Make sure to collect as many as you can so that you can buy more weapons.
Note Clippings found around the environment will provide insight into your situation and tell the full story of the hospital imprisoning you.
Look around the environment for clues that will indicate hidden sword combos. Discovering these combos will make your attacks much stronger.
Floor 1
Floor 1 Map
Floor 2
Floor 2 Map
After you reach certain checkpoints in the Dark Meadow, the paintings in the Maternity Ward will activate, allowing you to quickly move to key points on the map. Use these warp paintings to move quickly around the Hospital. To use an active painting, simply tap on it while standing next to it. Active paintings have glowing green hotspots attached to them.
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